How To Fix Our Oakley Hardwood Wall Panelling

The Oakley wall panelling is so straightforward to fit. As long as your wall is reasonably smooth you can fix the panels by applying mastic glue to the B face and pressing them against your wall. No need for battens or screws. This saves you time and money. The walls must be structurally sound, dust free and dry.

Complete the look by adding our solid hardwood Dado Rail to the top of the panels and you are done.

Square meter coverage per pack of three panels.

  800mm x 600mm = 1.44 m2 (weight indication of each panel is 500 grams)

1200mm x 600mm = 2.16 m2 (weight indication of each panel is 750 grams)

2440mm x 600mm = 4.39 m2 (weight indication of each panel is 1500 grams)