Oakley Solid Hardwood Georgian Beaded Wall Panelling FSC Certified

By The British Wood Panelling Company

£45.00 £89.00

Our Oakley Solid Hardwood Wall Panels are stable and strong; however, they are light in weight. This makes them much easier to hold in place and fix to wall surfaces than heavy MDF. This saves you time and money. 
Whether it’s a residential or commercial setting this product looks truly amazing  

Just use a mastic adhesive on the B face of the panels and apply them directly to the wall (see how to fix our Oakley hardwood wall panelling from the main website menu)

Oakley Solid Wood Wall Panelling has a perfectly sanded, natural wood surface which is great for types of finishing. Clear lacquering, oiling and painting all look fantastic.

Panel sizes:-

Lengths available:- 800mm, 1200mm and 2440mm

Width:- 600mm

Thickness:- 6mm

Three panels in each pack. Total square meters per pack 800mm = 1.44, 1200mm = 2.16, 2440mm = 4.39 

Delivery - In stock. Delivery 7-10 days.

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